Our Values

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. It acts as a barrier to the toxins we’re exposed to daily from the environment. It is highly absorbent, and when we use moisturisers, cleansers and toners, the ingredients in these products can permeate into our bodies. We believe that by minimising the chemicals that we absorb daily, we can make long term benefits to our overall health.

We are dedicated to exploring the potential of natural ingredients, particularly for sensitive skin. Plants are packed with vitamins and minerals. All the nutrients they use to grow and protect themselves can be harnessed and used to heal the skin.

Using natural and organic skin products is also much better for the environment. Products containing chemicals often have a harmful impact, as can the manufacturing processes that are used to create them.

The Process

The way we make our products sets us apart from most skincare brands. Our products are handmade in small batches, so there is no need for synthetic preservatives, and we are able to use the freshest ingredients. Without powered machinery, our production process leaves a much reduced carbon footprint, and the smaller quantities lead to a considerable reduction in waste.

To further our mission to be as environmentally conscious as possible, we are working towards creating completely recyclable packaging in the coming months


People with sensitive skin will know all too well the need to avoid products with synthetic ingredients, which often leave the skin feeling dry, red and sore. Our wholly natural soap, creams and balms which are made without any cruelty to animals, contain:

No Parabens. No Chemicals. No Steroids. No Fragrance.

We believe in full disclosure of what ingredients we use, where we source them, and our production process. The driving force for Syrinx Skincare is to help heal. We understand the real anguish caused by irritable skin conditions, and genuinely care about helping alleviate these problems.