Natural Emollient Body Cream(180ml)


This Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar is the foundation of our product range.
Our Natural Emollient Body Cream, deeply moisturises and soothes the skin.
Infused with Sapropel, – a rare botanical sediment recovered from the beds of ancient glacial lakes. Sapropel’s secret lies in its ability to remove toxins and metals from the skin, drawing out impurities before restoring the skin’s natural moisture. It is extremely rich in vitamins and fulvic and humic acids that boost the skin’s immunity and promote cell regeneration.

The Natural Emollient also contains Argan Oil, a botanical oil extracted from nuts in Morocco and is one of the world’s best sources of Vitamin E. When blended with Sapropel, the skin has a unique defence against troublesome skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, dry and cracked skin.

Easily absorbed, The Natural Emollient provides a 24h barrier of protection, allowing your skin to heal and rejuvenate.